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Trixie Belden

This is my ultimate favourite book series! Full of stolen gems, runaway orphans and mystery codes, you won't be able to put these books down!


This is an awesome series that I highly recomend! I would rate this a 9-10/10 because it's a very intresting book full of such cool characters. From funny Bobby to the scary and thrilling mysteries, this is the perfect read!

Story Spoiler Alert!

There are many Trixie Belden books, all starring the famouse Bob Whites Of The Glen, a group of mystery-solving friends. Brian, the oldest, is sensible and like his brother Mart, a real teaser who never believes his younger sister Trixie, or trust her to sleuth around and solve the mysteries. Trixie, a tom-boy teenager is best friends with rich Honey Wheeler and her adopted brother Jim. Diana Lynch and Dan Mangan are latest members who just add that extra bit of excitement to the stories. Will the Bob Whites survive the antics of their brother Bobby, solve the crime and save the day, all before they have to exercise the horse and go to school? Find out in this awesome series! #ReadItNow!

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