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The Avengers!

Welcome to Live, Laugh, Blog's very first..... movie review! I only just watched this movie but it is a crack up!


I personally think that the age rating (PG13), is to high for this movie; although it includes scifi violence and a few dramatic scenes, its a fun and upbeat movie, with some funny jokes and awesome characters! I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10 because it was never boring, had a fun story line and some awesome scenes. I highly recomend this movie and encourage you to watch it even if superhero movies are not your thing.

Story Spoiler Alert!

The story line goes somewhat like this. A magical stone called the space stone, that opens portals, lets an evil, dark elf from outer space, named Loki, into the portal, allowing him to come through onto earth! Loki, Thor's adopted brother, has an evil plan to take over earth, but Nick Fury has other plans. He assembles a team of super-humans with awesome skills to steal back the space stone, save earth from Loki's evil plan and restore peace. This team is made up of The Hulk (a massive green guy who loves to smash everything!), Black Widow - a Rusian assasin, Clint, an agile agent with stunning bow-and-arrow skills, Captain America, the soldier frozen in time who wakes up to save the world, Tony Stark or Iron Man, a billionaire with an iron battle suit, and Thor, a being from outer space who weilds a mighty hammer of thunder! Will a king of mischief take over our planet, or will the the newly-formed Avengers team fight for what's right and save the day?

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