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Olympic Party

How do you hold the greatest olympic viewing party that is extremly simple and cheap? Inquire here for more!

The olympics are on and stakes are high. Who will win gold?

What better way to view the olympics then with a full blown party?

This is how with only a few cheap supplies and a little sugar!

Heres How:

For the viewing party I am holding, the party decor includes:

. Red, yellow, green, blue and black balloons

. black table cloth

. Red, yellow, green, and blue straws, plates, cups, napkins and cutlery.

. A slide show of the events you plan to watch

. Streamers

. Posters of the olympic rings and 2020 mascots

. A cool cake!

A cool way to display the events you want to watch is by creating a slide show. Keep it exciting and short, just a little display that keeps your events orderly. Put the decor around in a colourful and fun way. Its a cool idea to bake a cake, preferably with icing the colour of the rings. I am baking a rich chocolate cake with rings in icing on top and with swirls in each corner. You can survey the people you are watching with to find what events they want and get videos or links that you chome onto your tv. Just enjoy this low key but totally awesome olympic viewing night!

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