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This is a topic that I haven't really talked about despite it being one of the BEST things in the world! How boring would life be without music. Songs take you on an emotional journey. Each note is a new memory that shapes you into who you are. People sometimes think its odd that I enjoy old bands despite my age but old songs have a magic in them that modern songs don't. This is a list of my top 15 old songs (in alphabetical order). You may think, old bands aren't your thing but trust me, they're every ones thing if you find the right songs. Have a listen of these even if it means stepping out of your music related comfort zone! Get listening...

Another brick in the wall Pink Floyd)

Come and get your love (Redbone)

Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd)

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)

Escape (Rupert Holmes)

Go all the way (Raspberries)

Here comes the sun (The Beatles)

Hooked on a feeling (Johnny Maestro and Brooklyn Bridge)

Judy is a punk (Ramones)

Money (Pink Floyd)

Moonage daydream (David Bowie)

My sweet Lord (George Harrison)

O-O-H child (The Five Stair Steps)

Surrender (Cheap Trick)

The chain (Fleetwood Mac)

Hope you enjoy and thankyou all those who have become site members! Shout out to Minaya! Seeing that people are reading my blogs makes it feel asthough this is all worth it!

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