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Girl Power #2

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I've talked often about things I'M doing for the #GRLPWR project but what are YOU doing? What can YOU do today? So far I've done 1 fundraiser but what can become a regular thing you can do every year, month or even WEEK!? This is my idea for a regular plan to raise money for less valued and poor girls in Uganda and other not so fortunate countries....

My idea to creat a regular change in the world is sponsering a new girl every year by paying $160 to start her own buisness! My every week pay comes to the grand total of $5 so what if I did extra jobs, bringing that total to $7, and put away the extra $2 towards the cause? YOU can do this today! Why wait to change the world when you can do it now?! Everyday we take for granted what we have, so imagine you are a girl who is descriminated and left without an education? Help girls provide for their families ASAP!

My new girl power project is called #GRLSINSTEM, a series all about insparational women who have changed the world through Science, Technology, Enginering and mathmatics. These are all amazing girls who are great models who are encoraging the girls of this generation to take action in changing the world AND getting into subjects like STEM that are commonly associated with boys. What can you do to change the world?????


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