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Girl Power!

I'm very excited to announce the opening of my new #GirlPower project! This is a project I wil be carrying out during these school holidays to raise money for poor girls, who are denied access to schools!

World Vision has a donation kit where if you give ninety dollars, you can help a girl somewhere else in the world go to school! We need to help eachother out by educating for a future!

My Plan!

My master plan is throughout the school holidays, to raise that money, donate it in, and claim the prize of helping a fellow female! I will be making 20 cards, each worth $3, sell them around my neighbourhood and also take donations. To get over that $90 mark, I will sell bracelets, as well as doing small paying-jobs, like cleaning cars and extra chores. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices so that others can get what they need! I strongly encourage you to do something similar. This is the best time to help. Why not? Get out there. Make some money. Change the world!

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