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5 Accessories To Pull Off The Indie Look!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

People talk about "asthetics" all the time, telling you that your theme or the vibe you give off is a certain asthetic. Indie is a popular but hard look to keep up. Here is how to make this asthetic suit you no matter what!

The Indie 5:

  1. Bright shoelaces! These are one of my personal favourites. You can make any shoes look Indie by throwing in some neon laces that match your bright outfit. A cute look is two different-coloured laces, on the same pair of shoes.

  2. A second cute accessory is the classic headphones. In your everyday American movie, there is always that hipster rouge, rocking the headphones look. There is no need for anything fancy, just a set swinging round your neck as you strut your Indie stuff down the street.

  3. A rainbow or neon beaded necklace, often star or flower shaped beads can turn any plain outfit awesome, yet Indie. These can be chocker-like or even long or woven. This will make even the plainest of days fun and highly chic!

  4. Due to covid19 we have been asked to wear masks so what better time to wear an indie face masks then now? Whether you buy it online or make it yourself, this can keep you safe and help you get that indie vibe!

  5. Anything you like! Indie is just a shortened word for individul so whatever you love, wear it! Keep to the bright or earthy tones, no grunge or fairy. Keep to the basic indie guidlines but other than that, your outfit will be on point!

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